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Unicorns & Mermaids

Collection of magical mermaids and unicorns that I met and that giggled with me as I learned (and continue to learn) to believe more deeply. They swim and run through my emotional meditations, blessing me with balance from the depths of self-actualized knowledge.

Space Fashion

Collection of dreams and meditations of wisdom presented by the entities guiding my heart’s path to acquiring more light. These paintings present meaning through color as the imagery in this series incorporates the color-coding of the chakras.

She Knows

Series celebrating feminine leadership and the journey fusing this needed thread into the fabric of our social and material structures. Their expressions tell a story of past truths not hidden in current ego. A memory of lives once lived tied to a truth now hidden behind a thick veil. She knows the coding in her wiring and the need to deliver such knowledge with an actionable impassive grace. Cultivating the continuation of the feminine commitment is only known to her, but will be felt by many until the veil is dissolved.

Dreaming Memories of Love

Collection of dreams awakening me to truths: I have past lives leaving scars on my heart felt in this life; recurring dreams are reflections of these past life scars; and, we have guides behind a veil of ether co-creating a life that brings healing and light to these scars. The cartoon-like imagery of these paintings is superficial memory, an interpretation-free portrayal of my recollections.

Royal Space

Marker and pen series depicting guides residing at the highest frequency or dimension preceding the angelic realm. 

Cosmic Cowgirl Adventures

Graphite series depicting the fragmentation of our chakra systems and healing through a journey of the heart.

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