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About Naomi


Naomi Christianson is a local Indie visual artist and designer, also the purveyor of the Omi Collective. Her art focuses on the healing properties of color and iconic images representing the divine feminine and healing frequencies and vibrations of the heart.


Leveraging her experiences as a Vedic and multicultural spiritual icon investigator, Naomi creates art that reveals her own journey while creating universal truths and bliss from raw materials of color, emotion, and physical experience.


She has exhibited her work in over 50 locations, including galleries based in New York, London, Prague, and the DC metropolitan area. Her collective has popped up more than 30 healing safe spaces focusing on supporting local identifying female and gender-nonconforming artists and entrepreneurs in the DC metropolitan area.


Naomi is currently practicing her art in a private studio located in Moyaone Reserve inside the Piscataway National Park. Her current projects include focuses on moon medicine tarot cards, up-cycling vintage couture, and adding new paintings to her Space Fashion series.

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