About Naomi


Naomi Christianson is a Vedic investigator, transcriber of messages from the universe, and purveyor of The Omi Collective. Naomi creates art that reveals her own journey while creating universal truths and bliss out of the raw materials of color, emotion and physical experience.


Naomi grew up in a riverside cabin her father built in a rustic, communal environment surrounded by extended family and nature. While working in Australian corporate life, and diligently practicing less populist limbs of yoga, she started receiving dream and waking vision-messages from an angelic presence she refers to as a Space Angel Consultant. These messages called her to action, both to make art and to change her life. She soon left her job, returned to the United States, adopted a sustainable lifestyle, started a community art space, and committed herself wholly to creating art.


Naomi’s art emerges from a belief system received in these messages, in which all of the universe is conspiring on her behalf: apparent coincidences, painful life events, the availability of experiences, opportunities and supplies all make themselves available to Naomi in order to sustain and new value system and expression. With the intimacy of a journal, and the scope of myth, Naomi’s works combine intense colors, fractured patterns, and images to communicate to the viewer a pursuit of positivity, the criticality of intuitive knowledge, the celebratory power and strength of the feminine form and being, and a joyful acceptance of the journey life puts in front of her.